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API Commands

Aftermarket API-Commands

AddAftermarketAccountAdd an Aftermarket Account
AddAftermarketDomainAdd a Domain listing
AftermarketBidGive a new bid in a bidding
BuyDomainStart a bid on a domain or directly buy a domain.
DeleteAftermarketAccountRemove an Aftermarket Account
DeleteAftermarketDomainRemove a Domain from listing
ModifyAftermarketAccountModify an Aftermarket Account
ModifyAftermarketDomainModify a Domain listing
QueryAftermarketAccountListList your Aftermarket Accounts
QueryAftermarketBidDetails to a certain bid for a domain
QueryAftermarketBidListQuery all initiated aftermarket processes in your CentralNic Reseller account.
QueryAftermarketDomainListReturns a list of all Domains in your CentralNic Reseller account that are currently listed for sale through the Aftermarket System. Offers parameters to narrow down the resulting response.
QueryAftermarketListSearch domains in the aftermarket
ReserveDomainReserve a domain in the aftermarket
StatusAftermarketAccountStatus of an Aftermarket Account
StatusAftermarketDomainStatus of a Domain listing

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