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Start a bid on a domain or directly buy a domain in the aftermarket. A domain may be reserved previously via ReserveDomain. If the buying process uses direct_buy, no further action is necessary. Domains where the seller needs to approve the bid, go into an bidding process (see AftermarketBid).

Possible Gateways

The command BuyDomain is available via the following gateways:

Required Parameters

The following parameters are standard parameters for this command.


COMMAND = BuyDomain
DOMAIN = <DOMAIN>         (The domain to be bought, mandatory)
BID = <DECIMAL>           (Price to buy the domain for, in your account currency. Format XX.XX, decimals always need to be stated.)
PROVIDER = sedo|afternic  (Where to buy the domain)
CONTACT = <CONTACT>       (Contact handle used to buy the domain, will be used for all contact handles after the transfer)
TOKEN = <TEXT>            (Token used to reserve a domain, optional but necessary if the domain has been reserved previously)


code = <INT>
description = <TEXT>
property[BIDDING][0] = 0|1                (0: buy_now, Domain has been bought, 1: make_offer, Domain is in bidding)
property[TOKEN][0] = <TEXT>               (Token, identifier of the buy process. Necessary for further bids in biddings.)
property[provider][0] = sedo|afternic     (Aftermarket Provider)

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