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Command reference

KeyDNS API-Commands

Our KeyDNS Reference Manual will give you an extensive overview of the commands which can be submitted to the system. Please read the KeyDNS Reference manual carefully in order to avoid any mistakes. If there are any errors or missing topics, please do not hesitate to contact us.

AddDNSZoneAdd the DNSZone to the HostedDNS section
AddMailFwdAdd a mail forward
AddWebFwdAdd forward in HostedDNS zone
CheckDNSZoneCheck availability of DNSZone
DeleteDNSZoneDelete the DNSZone from the HostedDNS section
DeleteMailFwdDelete a mail forward
DeleteWebFwdDelete a web forward
ExportDNSZoneExport DNSZone from KeyDNS
ImportDNSZoneImport DNSZone to KeyDNS
ModifyDNSZoneModify the DNSZone in the HostedDNS section
QueryDNSZoneListQuery list of DNSZones in KeyDNS
QueryDNSZoneRRListQuery list of resource records of a particular zone
QueryDNSZoneSubdomainListQuery subdomain list of a particular DNSZone
QueryMailFwdListQuery list of mail forwards
QueryWebFwdListQuery list of web forwards
StatusDNSZoneShows the DNSZone configuration

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