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Special command to list all subdomains of a DNSZone. Each subdomain is listed only once.

Possible Gateways

The command QueryDNSZoneSubdomainList is available via the following gateways:

Required Parameters

The following parameters are standard parameters for this command.


command   = QueryDNSZoneSubdomainList
dnszone   = test23.com
name      = [TEXT]
first     = [INT]
limit     = [INT]
order     = ASC|DESC
cltrid    = [TEXT]


code                   = 200
description            = Command completed successfully
property[count][0]     = [INT]
property[first][0]     = 0
property[last][0]      = [INT]
property[limit][0]     = [INT]
property[subdomain][0] = www.domain.com
property[total][0]     = [INT]
queuetime              = 0
runtime                = 0.075


DNSZONEName of the zone.
NAMEFiltering for NAME. (optional)
FIRSTFirst result to display (optional)
LIMITLimits the number of results to given number (optional)
ORDER ASC/DESC (optional)
CLTRIDUnique identifier for this request, must be changed with every request, the default is auto-generated (optional)
SUBDOMAINSubdomain of the DNS zone.
COUNTTotal number of records shown
FIRSTPointer to the first shown ID
LASTPointer to the last shown ID
LIMITThe limit given in the command
TOTALTotal number of existing resource records
CLTRIDThe transaction - ID given in the request where this response is the answer for; Will only be returned if a CLTRID was given in the request
SVTRIDA unique ID for this request generated by the server; Will only be returned if a CLTRID was given in the request

Wedomains :)