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New SSL API 2.0

May we present to you the new SSL API 2.0, an entirely redesigned SSL service in CentralNic Reseller.

It will provide new functionalities, such as:

  • Support of Wildcard SANs: any mix of single and wildcard SANs are possible for respective products.
  • Event System to track any status updates.
  • Revamped billing process: Orders and Certificates are separated, enabling total flexibility in handling and additional functionalities.
  • Price checks for orders: retrieve the price for an order prior to placing it.
  • Certificates for Domain Authentication (DV) can be issued immediately in real-time: use our system generate a token and place it as resource record in DNS or FILE on your webserver prior to the order; we return the certificate in the response of the order command - within seconds
  • Introducing dedicated SSL Contact Handles: pre-validate Organization data for OV and EV orders for issuing certificates within minutes (instead of days) - only domain validation necessary per order!
  • Simplification for Add/Renew/Reissue: by default submitted contact data is stored for automatic reuse of orders and validations.

More details on the SSL API 2.0 commands and price mapping can be found in the resource section below.

Prices can be found within the Control Panel.

Legacy System

For the legacy system, both the API and web interface will continue to function. The data of the old and new SSL API however will not be mixed.

The release of SSL API 2.0 does not require our customers to change their integration or business procedures.

On top, customers can choose to keep using the old system separated from the new system.

New commands can be enabled by using the parameter apiversion = 2. The current APIs will stay enabled with apiversion = 1 or by omitting the parameter.

At the moment, there is no set date to phase out the legacy system.

Control Panel

The Control Panel also supports SSL API 2.0.

Upon logging into your account, on the left navigational menu, you can navigate to this via “SSL” then “Certificates”. Whereas, the legacy system has now been relabelled as “Certificates [LEGACY]”.


Full assistance for integration as well as switching all existing SSL certificates from the legacy system to the new SSL API 2.0 will be provided. Please contact the support team for more details.


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