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Allowed prefixes for Approver eMail

Allowed prefixes for the approver e-mail address are:

  • admin@
  • administrator@
  • hostmaster@
  • webmaster@
  • postmaster@

Furthermore, the domain part of the approver e-mail address must be identical with the domain which you want to create a certificate for. I.e. for a certificate order for domain.com the approver e-mail address must be admin@domain.com, administrator@domain.com, hostmaster@domain.com, webmaster@domain.com or postmaster@domain.com.
Please regard that Approver Emails are always sent to the second level domain. That means, even if you order a certificate for a sub-domain (like sub.domain.com) the Approver Emails are sent to the addresses mentioned above @domain.com.

Next to these standard e-mail addresses it is possible to use a different e-mail address. However, this requires that the e-mail address is available in the Whois for the respective domain. Under the GDPR many registrars - including Key-Systems - will not publish e-mail addresses in Whois per default. As a consequence a Certificate Authority (CA) is not able to check if a given approver e-mail address is listed in Whois of the respective domain. The mentioned standard approver e-mail addresses will always work, regardless of Whois. Thus we always advise to use one of these standard e-mail addresses or use the more automated approval methods via HTTP and DNS.


admin@example.com is a valid approver e-mail address in order to buy a SSL certificate for the domain www.example.com.


If an appropriate e-mail address does not exist, it must be created.

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