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Secure your domains with our Registry Lock Service

Our Registry Lock Service allows registry-level protection for domain names and/or hosts (name servers). The service enables to set Extensible Provisioning Protocol (EPP) server (registry) status codes on selected domain names and/or hosts to prevent malicious or inadvertent modifications, deletions, and transfers.

The following EPP server status are included in the Registry Lock:


Key Benefits

Combat Domain Hijacking

  • Protect high-value domain names against unauthorized modifications or deletions.

Supplement Existing Protection

  • Server level statuses augment protection provided by client level statuses already in use.

Secure the Communications Chain

  • Enable end-to-end domain name transaction security

How it works

  • Activate Appendix

The respective appendix can be found in the price lists in your CentralNic Reseller control panel at Domains → Domain Prices → Tab "Domains" → Subtab "Registry Lock".

  • Download Form

Forms are provided in the download section and the price list in your CentralNic Reseller control panel. The form is required to request the creation of a Registry Lock, update a locked domain name or remove a Registry Lock.

  • Fill out and Send Form

Fill out the corresponding form for requesting/updating/removing a Registry Lock and sends it to registrylock@centralnicreseller.com

After receiving the request form, a Support Representative will call you for validation and confirmation and providing further details on the process depending on the respective Registry.

Supported TLDs

CentralNic Reseller supports a wide variety of TLDs across five registries.

  • Afilias

xn—6frz82g (Chinese Mobi)

  • CentralNic


  • VeriSign


  • auDA


  • doMen


  • Switch


Service Description and Terms of Service

  1. The use of the Registry Lock service is tied to the registration term of the domain name. The General Terms and Conditions of Key-Systems apply in full for this service. Each TLD has specific registration policies and terms of use. These policies are detailed on the respective web presence of each TLD operator. Our Reseller is obliged to inform himself and his customers about these policies. The registry policies shall be deemed to be incorporated as part of each registration agreements by reference. Each Customer who requests a Registry Lock beneath must accept these policies as part of the registration agreement with his provider and the registry.
  2. The specific processes of the Registry Lock is defined by the respective registry.
  3. Registry Locks in CentralNic Reseller will be handled in a manual process by our Support Team. The service won‘t be applied in real time; processing time depends on TLD and the respective registry. Due to the manual process, realtime processing regarding applications of the service or modifications of domains having a registry lock can not be guaranteed and is not offered.
  4. Our Reseller acknowledges and agrees that he is fully responsible and liable for protecting the specific processes of the Registry Lock with respect to his customer. Data that is necessary to unlock a domain such as tokens or passwords can not be re-issued and we are not liable in any case for the loss of such data nor are we liable for any direct or indirect damage caused by the loss of such data. In case of loss of such data the specific process of the respective registry must be followed to unlock the domain name, if available.
  5. The fee structure is available in detail in the CentralNic Reseller. Insufficient funds on your Reseller account will not cause the registry lock to be cancelled or deleted; the service will continue to be charged to your account and being upheld until the registry lock is lifted in accordance with the process of the respective registry.
  6. The service will be automatically renewed each month on the renewal date of the service regardless of the initial activation time if not cancelled prior to that time. Refunds for partial terms of early cancellations are not possible and expressly excluded.

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