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Automatic domain parking via the CentralNic Reseller Metaregistry

We offer you the possibility to automatically park domains via the CentralNic Reseller control panel in your own account with the domain parking provider Parkingcrew and thus monetize them.

This results in a relevant work and time saving for customers with a large domain portfolio since domain registration and domain parking can be processed via one interface / one API.

The CentralNic Reseller API handles the entire communication with Parking provider: once you have submitted the credentials, you can directly park a domain with one single command. Furthermore, the bulk tool in the control panel enables you to park complete domain lists in a Account in one go.


You can connect your CentralNic Reseller account with one (1) Parking provider account only.


Use the following command to submit your credentials to the CentralNic Reseller system

command = SetProperty
class = PARKING
parking-parkingcrewpassword = [password = API Key]
parking-parkingcrewusername = [username = Login Name ]

Advantages of domain parking

The parking option allows to display matching advertising links on unused domain names and thus monetize incoming web traffic. Unused domains are connected to ready-to-go landing pages and assigned with keyword related, geo-targeted and language specific Google advertising links. The domain owner earns revenue through every link-click on his parked website on a PPC basis (Pay-per-Click).


Please be aware that you must use the API Key and not the password. The API key will be provided from the Parking provider.

Benefits of domain parking for registrars / resellers

It may be beneficial for you to offer your customers domain parking as an additional service, because many domain owners register a domain without developing it for months, others treat it as an investment, waiting for an offer from an interested party. A sale link can be integrated on a parked domain offering potential buyers a fast method to contact the domain owner and thus increasing the sale opportunities.

You can also use the renewal period with the expiry of a domain registration: After informing the customer you can place a parking site on the domain and earn money with every click. At the same time a parking template works as a reminder for the former registrant to renew the registration. Detailed traffic and revenue statistics of the parking phase can help to decide whether a domain qualifies for a profitable domain portfolio.

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