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MPML service of Minds + Machines

Unfortunately, MMX will no longer be accepting new applications nor renewals for MPML services. For current MPMLs in place, these protections will remain active until the upcoming expiration.

MPML stands for Minds + Machines’ Protected Marks List. MPML offers brand owners the opportunity to protect their Trademark Clearinghouse (“TMCH”)-registered trademarks by blocking those names, or such a variations as described herein, across the majority of current and future top-level domains (“TLDs”) for which Minds + Machines (M+M) operates as the official registry (i.e., signed the registry agreement with ICANN).
MPML offers TMCH rights holders the ability to block their names against cybersquatting in a cost-effective manner.

Additional information about Minds + Machines' MPML Service can be found at http://mm-registry.com/mpml-faq/.

MPML Override

The purpose of the MPML is to prevent cybersquatting. However, if an eligible trademark holder (i.e., with a valid SMD file in the TMCH) wants to apply for and/or register their name in any M+M TLD then an override of the MPML subscription will occur. Note, an override can only occur for domain names that have a valid SMD file.

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