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UK residents are no longer eligible for .fr and other Afnic TLDs - Renewals still possible

With effect from 1 January, UK residents are no longer eligible for the .fr TLD or any of the other TLDs managed by Afnic and listed in the Naming Charter, i.e. .re, .yt, .pm, .wf and .tf (see: https://www.afnic.fr/en/resources/reference/charters/naming-policy-in-force.html)

However, the Naming Charter provides that the application of new rules cannot be retroactively effective, with certain exceptions (see Article 1.3 of the Charter).

This means that these holders may keep their domain names without having to change address, since they complied with the eligibility rules in force at the time they registered their domain names.

In Summary, A holder resident in the UK who registered a domain name before 1 January 2021 can:

  • keep the domain name after that date
  • renew it
  • transfer (trade / owner change) it to an eligible new holder and
  • benefit from the forced transfer (trade / owner change) procedure in the particular cases provided for by the Naming Charter.

Please find full information on the registry homepage at: https://www.afnic.fr/en/resources/blog/brexit-and-fr.html

If a UK resident would like to register a .fr or another Afnic TLD domain name (i.e. .re, .yt, .pm, .wf and .tf) we offer a trustee service.

API commands

Please find in the following a set of the most commonly used standard API commands in order to register, modify, renew, and transfer a domain name.

Domain Registration

(API Command reference » AddDomain)

The opening of the registration of domain names containing 1 and 2 numeric and/or alphabetic characters does not apply to the following country codes for metropolitan France and the Overseas Departments and Territories currently managed by Afnic: .pm,.re, .tf, .wf, .yt.

command         = AddDomain
domain          = yourdomain.fr
period          = (INT)
ownercontact0   = (CONTACT)
admincontact0   = (CONTACT)
techcontact0    = (CONTACT)
billingcontact0 = (CONTACT)
nameserver0	= (NAMESERVER)
nameserver1 	= (NAMESERVER)
X-FR-ACCEPT-TRUSTEE-TAC = 0|1 (optional, if 1 no additional extensions are required)

If the registrant is a natural person, an organisation or a company, there are several optional ways to provide necessary data for the verification of the domain holder. Check "Extensions" for detailed information!

For registrants outside of the European Union - Trustee Service -

We offer a trustee service for registrants outside of the European Union. A special trustee agreement applies for registrations using the trustee service. The trustee agreement can be found in the download section of the web interface, category "Agreements".

Domain Modification

(API Command reference » ModifyDomain)
Standard command
command = ModifyDomain
domain  = yourdomain.fr

Change of registrant

command       = ModifyDomain
domain        = yourdomain.fr
ownercontact0 = (CONTACT)
X-FR-ACCEPT-TRUSTEE-TAC = 1 (optional, if no trustee is used further settings are possible depending on the owner type)

As of December 12, 2016, the registrant change procedure for .fr domain names will be carried out in the following way:

  • The holder change operation will be carried out via an Update Domain transaction;
  • the Registrant will be responsible for obtaining the agreement of the outgoing and incoming registrants to carry out the transaction;
  • the transaction will not be charged;
  • the transaction will not change the domain name's expiry date.

After the release of the new registrant change procedure on December 12, the trade command will be disabled, so sending a Trade command (request/cancel) will receive an error. Along with the successful update of the registrant, the domain authcode will be updated as well and needs to be provided to the new registrant. The new authcode can be retrieved by standard StatusDomain command.

Obligations regarding updates of registered name holders:
For any update of the registered name holder of a .fr domain name, the Registry Service Provider (RSP) must obtain and keep documentary evidence of the agreement of the previous registered name holder and the new registered name holder (if applicable). Such evidence can be obtained through approval emails, trigger codes sent by SMS, log entries of approvals given in registered name holders customer account with RSP or similar processes. Upon reasonable request of Key-Systems, the RSP must provide such documentary evidence to Key-Systems within 3 working days. Failure to provide documentary evidence to Key-Systems upon request shall result in a penalty fee to be applied to RSPs account (please check the updated appendix for details).
The RSP is also responsible for informing the old and new registered name holder once the update is complete. Please note that all changes apply to the other Afnic ccTLDs .re, .yt, .wf, .tf, and .pm as well.

Trade operations for .COM.FR domain names are processed as Recover. The trade for .COM.FR is only possible in the following case:

  • A parent company based outside Europe sends its domain name to a subsidiary based in the European Union ( Switzerland, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway included ) to benefit eligibility under the new charter and so to ensure the best protection.

If this is the case, please send us a letter of authorization fully filled out with the handle for the incoming registrant. AFNIC will provide us an authorization code afterwards.

Domain Renewal

(API Command reference » RenewDomain)
command    = RenewDomain
domain     = yourdomain.fr
period     = (INT)
expiration = (INT)

Domain Deletion

(API Command reference » DeleteDomain)
COMMAND = DeleteDomain
DOMAIN = yourdomain.fr

Domain Transfer

(API Command reference » TransferDomain)
command       = TransferDomain
domain        = yourdomain.fr
action  = request
admincontact0 = (CONTACT)
techcontact0  = (CONTACT)
auth          = .......

The following details are required:

  • auth-code
  • new admin-contact handle (please note: admin contact must be located in EU)
  • new tech-contact handle

Transfer notes

  • The registrar change request is made by the new registrar. It is the auth-code given by the holder to the incoming registrar that validates this request.
  • The outgoing registrar receives a registrar change notification:
    • If the outgoing registrar accepts within 8 days, the registrar change is immediately validated.
    • If the outgoing registrar refuses within 8 days, the total duration of the registrar change operation is extended to 22 days before validation. The outgoing registrar may still accept the transfer before the 22 days.
    • If the outgoing registrar does not react within 8 days, the registrar change is immediately validated at the end of the 8 days.
  • The transfer operation is billed and changes the expiration date of the domain name. The lifetime starts from beginning.
  • Trade and transfer at the same time are NOT possible anymore since 2015/06/30

Domain Restore

(API Command reference » RestoreDomain)
command = RestoreDomain
domain  = yourdomain.fr

Restores are no longer available for .com.fr due to registry policy changes.

Domain Extensions


For registrants outside of European Union - Trustee Service

Domain Extensions for natural persons

X-FR-BIRTHCITYOnly for natural persons born in France (or one of the following countries RE|MQ|GP|GF|TF|NC|PF|WF|PM|YT), the registrant's place of birth (city name).
X-FR-BIRTHDATEThe registrant's birthdate in the form YYYY-MM-DD.
X-FR-BIRTHPCOnly for natural persons born in France (or one of the following countries RE|MQ|GP|GF|TF|NC|PF|WF|PM|YT), the registrants postcode of the place of birth (or at least the department code)
X-FR-BIRTHPLACEThe registrant's birthplace in form of a two-letter country-code. (e.g. DE)

Show private data in whois (0=show, 1=do not show)

Domain Extensions for organisations or companies

X-FR-ANNOUNCEThe "announce" attribute shows the number of the announcement(e.g. 5). Only digits allowed
X-FR-DATE-ASSOCIATIONShows the date of association. (DATE FORMAT YYYY-MM-DD)
X-FR-DATE-PUBLICATION-JODate of publication JO

Will contain the date of publication in the official gazette (DATE FORMAT YYYY-MM-DD)

For companies with a valid DUNS number

Short for Data Universal Numbering System; refers to a new identifier that can be sent for an Eligibility Verification at European level.
X-FR-LOCALCompany Local

For companies with a valid local identifier

A local identifier specific to a country of the European Economic Area(e.g. business certificate number).
X-FR-NUMERO-DE-PAGE-ANNOUNCE-JONumber of page announce JO

The "page" attribute shows the page number of this announcement. Only digits allowed!

For companies with valid SIREN/SIRET number

The company name provided in the registrant contact details must be exactly the same as shown in SIREN/SIRET database ( https://www.infogreffe.fr/ ).
X-FR-TRADEMARKTrademark number

For companies with a valid trademark number

For companies with valid VATID

Indicates the identifier Waldec linked to an association. If this identifier is provided, this is sufficient to identify an association. Only digits allowed

Domain Restrictions

  • The tech contact must NOT be identical with the owner contact.
  • The tech contact must be an organization and can not be redacted in WHOIS.
  • COM.FR, ASSO.FR and TM.FR 3rd level domains are not available for registration anymore since December 6th 2012. It is also not possible to change the registrant for a .COM.FR, ASSO.FR and TM.FR domain names.
  • Both owner and admin contact require a local address within the European Union (please see below list). If one of the contacts has no local address in European Union, you may use our trustee service for both contacts; the trustee service cannot be used only for one of the two contacts.
  • Name servers for .fr domains have to be correctly configured prior to the actual registration.
    • The registry does not use name server objects; instead, only glue records are supported, wherefore a ModifyDomain has to be issued and a ModifyNameserver is not sufficient

Registrants from the following European countries are allowed to register domain names under .fr and the other AFNIC TLDs:

  • AT - Austria
  • AX - Aland Islands
  • BE - Belgium
  • BG - Bulgaria
  • CH - Switzerland
  • CY - Cypress
  • CZ - Czech Republic
  • DE - Germany
  • DK - Denmark
  • EE - Estonia
  • ES - Spain
  • FI - Finland
  • FR - France
  • GF - French Guiana
  • GP - Guadeloupe
  • GR - Greece
  • HU - Hungary
  • IE - Ireland
  • IS - Iceland
  • IT - Italy
  • LI - Liechtenstein
  • LT - Lithuania
  • LU - Luxembourg
  • LV - Latvia
  • MQ - Martinique
  • MT - Malta
  • NC - New Caledonia
  • NL - Netherlands
  • NO - Norway
  • PF - French Polynesia
  • PL - Poland
  • PM - Saint Pierre and Miquelon
  • PT - Portugal
  • RE - Reunion
  • RO - Romania
  • SE - Sweden
  • SI - Slovenia
  • SK - Slovakia
  • TF - French Southern Territories
  • WF - Wallis and Futuna
  • YT - Mayotte

Restrictions on individuals and corporate entities which are eligible to register a domain name
Any individual residing and any legal entity having its headquarters or principal place of business as specified below may apply to register or renew a domain name in each of the top-level domains:

  • within the territory of one of the member states of the European Union;
  • within the territory of the following countries: Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland.

The domain name holder and the administrative contact must be reachable. As such, both the holder and the administrative contact must provide details of a valid telephone number and e-mail address, including accurate information to establish their identities. While the domain name is active, they must ensure that such information is kept up-to-date at all times.

Reserved domain names
Reserved domain names of the registry for special use or special individuals or organizations can be found here http://www.afnic.fr/obtenir/chartes/fondamentaux

Prohibited terms
The list of terms that cannot be registered because they are "prohibited terms" includes, in particular

  • Abusive terms
  • Racist terms
  • Obscene terms
  • Terms relating to crime or offenses

Reserved terms
The list of terms that are "reserved" and can be registered only subject to special conditions, based on the identity or rights of the applicant include, in particular

  • Technical Internet terms
  • Names of regulated professions;
  • Terms relating to government operation;
  • Names of the signatory countries of the Paris Convention;
  • Dedicated names or terms of international organizations;
  • Names of French towns and villages in their base form: the list of reserved terms can be consulted directly on the INSEE website;
  • The name of the French Republic, its national institutions and public services, either alone or associated with words referring to such institutions or services
  • The name of a local authority, inter-municipal agreement with agglomeration-wide fiscal resources, either alone or associated with words or abbreviations referring to local institutions
  • The name of someone in office, associated with words referring to their elective functions.
    (Under Article R.20-44-43-IV, provisions 7 to 9 do not prevent the renewal of domain names registered before the enactment of France's Domain Name Allocation and Management Act 2007, amending the French Electronic Communications and Telecommunications Act)
  • By a company whose name is identical to the registered name and which registered that name as a trademark before 1st January 2004
  • By an association whose mission is to defend and promote a protected "designation of origin" for which the name has been registered.

The registration of reserved terms may be subject to specific provisions stipulated in the Procedures Manual.

  • The use of certificates for domain names using trustee service will not be possible.

Please Note:

AFNIC may delete, on its own decision, some domain names that do not follow the naming charter after identification operations and/or eligibility checks. From now on, these domain names will no longer be subjected to the redemption period and the outgoing registrar will not be able to restore them.
For technical reasons, the deletion operation will be in two steps:

  • AFNIC will transfer the domain names to its own account. In the Whois database, these domain names will appear under the registrar name : AFNIC -Opération-Interne
  • Definite deletion of the domain names by AFNIC.

This deletion without redemption starts immediatly.

IDN Information

The following characters are available for IDN domains:

  • ß, à, á, â, ã, ä, å, æ, ç, è, é, ê, ë, ì,í, î, ï, ñ, ò, ó, ô, õ, ö, ù, ú, û, ü, ý, ÿ, oe

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