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EPP Server Examples


 <fee:chkData xmlns:fee="urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:fee-0.5">
   <fee:command phase="sunrise">create</fee:command>
   <fee:period unit="y">1</fee:period>
   <fee:fee description="Application Fee" refundable="0">5.00</fee:fee>
   <fee:fee description="Registration Fee" refundable="1">5.00</fee:fee>
Application FeeThe fee charged in addition to the registration fee for domains applied for during sunrise or landrush phases.
Registration FeeThe fee charged for the first year of registration.
Renewal FeeThe fee charged for all years subsequent to the first year.
Restore FeeThe fee charged to restore a domain from the Redemption Grace Period.

Fee classes

  • The domain name has the standard price
  • The domain has a non-standard premium price.

If class is not standard or empty than this is a premium domain/price. "EPP Commands" lists the commands that provide premium domain information with corresponding examples.

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