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Application Systems

In this context, an Application is regarded as an order to register a domain within a certain launch phase of a TLD. You can place Application orders in the CentralNic Reseller Application System and as soon as a certain launch phase starts we will try to register the domains you ordered.

First Come, First Served

The underlying principle of the CentralNic Reseller Application System is First Come, First Served. That means, within a certain Application phase, all Application are queued and processed in a chronological sequence. The Application filed first, will be processed first, no matter if the respective domain names are the same or different.


All prices for Application Phases can be found in the CentralNic Reseller Control Panel in the section "Application". Please refer to them if you have questions about the inherent costs of placing an Application.

Application, Setup and Unit Fees

Depending on the respective Application phase, the price for an Application can consist of up to 3 different components:

  • Application Fee. This is a non-refundable amount that will be billed in any case. Typically the Application Fee is charged upon Sunrise and Landrush Phases, but not limited to.
  • Setup Fee. This is a refundable amount which will only be billed if the Application was successful. Typically the Setup Fee will be charged upon initial domain registration.
  • Unit Fee. This is a refundable amount which will only be billed if the Application was successful. Typically the Unit Fee reflects the yearly price of a domain.

Costs are billed upon order

To ensure best speed when processing Applications, we're are charging them as soon as you place them. Of course you'll receive a refund if the Application fails or we were not able to register the domain for you. Please keep in mind, that some registries have non-refundable Application fees, often depending on the type of Application phase.

In any case, please check the pricing of an Application phase prior to ordering. Our system is working in realtime and whatever you order can and will be charged, as long as the order itself is valid.

Refunds for failed or canceled Applications

Whenever one of your Applications fails (i.e. we cannot register the domain for you) or is cancelled by you, you'll receive a full refund for all refundable parts of the costs (i.e. Unit Fee and Setup Fee, if applicable).

Different Application Phases

Application Phases are used when a certain TLD or a limited number of Domains of a TLD are released for registration. Some Phases are directly offered from a registry, others are only offered at CentralNic Reseller. For example, Sunrise Phases are pretty common in the domain business when a new gTLD is offering registrations to trademark owners before the General Availability starts. On the other hand, as soon as General Availability starts, we're offering our Go-Live Application phases to our CentralNic Reseller resellers.

gTLD Pre-Order

  • We offer non-binding, free pre-applications for domain names in more than 700 new gTLDs via API and Control Panel. We provide you with a list of all new gTLDs that you can pre-order via CentralNic Reseller on this dedicated landing page.
  • The submission of a pre-application for a domain name under a new gTLD is just an expression of interest without any commitment. We will inform you as soon as more details about policies, pricing and launch periods become available. You can then decide if you want to convert a non-binding pre-order into a binding domain name application or to cancel the pre-order.
  • We implemented the zone "gtld-preorder" into CentralNic Reseller which covers all pre-orders for all new gTLDs.

Landrush Applications

Landrush Applications are usually offered by new gTLD registries and domains are sold at a higher price than in General Availability. Registries apply these higher prices with different methods, such as:

  • Having a higher yearly fee (Unit Fee)
  • Having a refundable one-time registration fee (Setup Fee)
  • Having a non-refundable one-time registration fee (Application Fee)

Sunrise Applications

Sunrise Application phases are especially used to give Trademark Owners the possibility to register their marks in a very early registration phase of an upcoming TLD. Please keep in mind that for new gTLD Sunrise Application phases you're required to have a valid TMCH record and an SMD file for your trademark to place a Sunrise Application.

Early Access Phases

Early Access Phases (EAP) are a speciality of the Donuts registry. The Early Access Phases last for one week and start with a high pricing on the first day, gradually decreasing until the seventh day of this phase.

Go-Live Applications

As a CentralNic Reseller service for our resellers, Go-Live Applications are offered when a TLD goes into General Availability or a certain list of domains are released for registration. Typically Go-Live Applications don't come with additional costs and you only pay standard registration fees.

Other Phases

Other Phases are offered sporadically. A typical appliance would be the release of a certain block list or something similar.

Why don't you offer all phases?

We try our very best to offer as many phases as possible. Due to the ICANN new gTLD program, as one of the very few registrars we introduced Application Phases for almost all new gTLDs we're offering. Since all our services are available via API, we're also offering Application Phases via API.

However, in some cases, it just doesn't make much sense to offer Application Phases for all thinkable domain releases a registry is having. There's simply not enough demand. In other cases registry announce releases and relevant data on too short notice.

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