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KeyDNS Upgrade to Anycast

Migration of KeyDNS to the new Anycast DNS service

Beginning on September, 15th 2021, we will begin moving from our existing Unicast network to a brand new, state-of-the-art, Anycast network. The new service leverages the expertise of the Centralnic Registry DNS team to deliver a solid DNS service to all of our Resellers and Customers. With many servers spread across five continents, CentralNic Reseller's new DNS service ensures security and fast resolution times from North America, Australasia, Africa, South America, and everywhere in between.

The migration will take place gradually and is expected to be completed by October 6th.

New IP Addresses

After the migration is completed, our nameservers will use the following IP addresses.

ns1.rrpproxy.net193.227.117.226 | 2a04:2b00:14cc::226
ns2.rrpproxy.net194.50.187.226 | 2a04:2b00:14dd::226
ns3.rrpproxy.net194.0.182.226 | 2a04:2b00:14ee::226

Outdated IP Addresses

(previous IP addresses are provided for reference)

ns1.rrpproxy.net | 2001:41d0:c:388:94:23:167:207
ns2.rrpproxy.net | 2604:4500:c:3:66:206:3:124
ns3.rrpproxy.net | 2607:5300:60:5e1c:192:95:19:45

Example command:


command = ModifyDomain
domain = test.example
nameserver0 = ns1.rrpproxy.net
nameserver1 = ns2.rrpproxy.net
nameserver2 = ns3.rrpproxy.net

Whitelabel Nameservers

New IP Addresses for the whitelabel nameserver set.

ns1.dnsres.net193.227.117.225 | 2a04:2b00:14cc::225
ns2.dnsres.net194.50.187.225 | 2a04:2b00:14dd::225
ns3.dnsres.net194.0.182.225 | 2a04:2b00:14ee::225

Outdated Whitelabel IP Addresses

(previous IP addresses are provided for reference)

ns1.dnsres.net | 2001:41d0:c:388:188:165:164:79
ns2.dnsres.net | 2604:4500:c:3:66:206:3:126
ns3.dnsres.net | 2607:5300:60:5e1c:192:95:19:39

Old paid anycast service

The Anycast service that was previously offered as a paid upgrade to the KeyDNS Unicast service will now be incorporated in the new service and will no longer be charged separately. For the time being, the nameservers that were used to provide that service will continue to operate as normal on their existing IP addresses:

anycast1.dnsres.net / 2a04:2b00:14aa::11

anycast2.dnsres.net / 2a04:2b00:14bb::11

Plans for retiring the Unicast network

The old Unicast servers will continue to operate as before, so that any domains still pointing to them will continue to resolve and work correctly. As we shift traffic to the new Anycast network, though, we will be making plans to discontinue the Unicast network sometime in mid-2022.

Part of this clean-up will also include a number of nameserver hosts that will not be migrated to the new Anycast infrastructure and that will eventually be retired completely. These will continue to operate on the Unicast network for the time being, but Resellers with domains that use one or more of the nameservers listed below are strongly encouraged to update their domains and switch to the Anycast nameservers listed above at their earliest convenience.

ns1.eu.rrpproxy.net94.23.167.207 | 2001:41d0:c:388:94:23:167:207
ns1.na.rrpproxy.net192.95.19.45 | 2607:5300:60:5e1c:192:95:19:45
ns2.eu.rrpproxy.net66.206.3.124 | 2604:4500:c:3:66:206:3:124
ns2.na.rrpproxy.net198.27.78.130 | 2607:5300:60:6bbe:198:27:78:130
ns3.eu.dnsres.net188.165.164.172 | 2001:41d0:c:388:188:165:164:172
ns4.dnsres.net54.37.200.69 | 2001:41d0:700:1bcf:54:37:200:69
ns4.rrpproxy.net51.75.87.7 | 2001:41d0:700:1bcf:51:75:87:7
Currently used IP addresses

Vanity Nameservers

Resellers using their own vanity nameservers pointing to the IP addresses of the old Unicast servers are strongly recommended to update their configuration to match the new IP addresses listed above.

As the old Unicast network will continue to operate as normal, there is no immediate deadline to perform this operation. Switching to the new IP Addresses offers access to a much more stable, secure and fast DNS experience, so Resellers are strongly advised to plan the switch as soon as possible.

Please remember that besides updating the A record, the Host object associated with the nameserver at the Registry needs to be updated with the new IP address.

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