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DNS Zone Xfer Infrastructure

Please make sure these IP addresses can connect to your Master or Hidden Master DNS Server for outgoing DNS Zone transfers (Notify), if KeyDNS is used as Slave Nameserver Set. Also, if KeyDNS is used as Master Nameserver set, please make sure our IP addresses can connect to your Slave DNS Server Set for incoming DNS Zone transfers (AXFR). I.e. respective firewall rules need to be set up.

DNS Zone Xfer IN/OUT Nameserver Set (IPv4 / IPv6)

Two sets of two Xfer IN/OUT Nameservers are available, one set is located in Europe, one set is located in North America.

ns1-eu.key-systems.net37.187.251.136 / 2001:41d0:c:388:37:187:251:136
ns2-eu.key-systems.net66.206.25.194 / 2604:4500:c:3:66:206:25:194
ns3-eu.key-systems.net51.68.180.207 / 2001:41d0:700:1bcf::
ns1-na.key-systems.net192.99.201.28 / 2607:5300:60:5e1c::
ns2-na.key-systems.net167.114.116.190 / 2607:5300:60:6bbe::

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