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CentralNic Reseller Homepage

Return Codes

After the execution of each command our API will report if the command was successful

Successful Return Codes

Successfully executed commands will result in a return code beginning with two (2xx).

200Command completed successfully
210Domain name available
211Domain name not available
212Name server available
213Name server not available
214Contact available
215Contact not available
218Request is available
219Request is not available
220Command completed successfully. Server closing connection

Temporary Error Codes

Temporary errors will lead to a return code beginning with four (4xx). In that case, please resubmit your command at a later point in time.

420Command failed due to server error. Server closing connection
421Command failed due to server error. Client should try again
422Abuse detected! The account has been temporarily locked! Please standby some minutes.
423error (socket error)

Permanent Error Codes

A permanent error will result in a return code beginning with five (5xx).

500Invalid command name
501Invalid command option
502Invalid entity value
503Invalid attribute name
504Missing required attribute
505Invalid attribute value syntax
506Invalid option value
507Invalid command format
508Missing required entity
509Missing command option
520Server closing connection. Client should try opening new connection
521Too many sessions open. Server closing connection
530Authentication failed
531Authorization failed
532Domain names linked with name server
533Domain name has active name servers
534Domain name has not been flagged for transfer
535Restricted IP address
536Domain already flagged for transfer
540Attribute value is not unique
541Invalid attribute value
542Invalid old value for an attribute
543Final or implicit attribute cannot be updated
544Entity on hold
545Entity reference not found
546Credit limit exceeded
547Invalid command sequence
548Domain is not up for renewal
549Command failed
550Parent domain not registered
551Parent domain status does not allow for operation
552Domain status does not allow for operation
553Operation not allowed. Domain pending transfer
554Domain already registered
555Domain already renewed
556Maximum registration period exceeded
557Object status prohibits operation
560Resource is disabled
561Resource still in use
562Email address already uses forwarding
563Email address already uses mailspace
564Email domain already linked to a different mailspace

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