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CentralNic Reseller Homepage

Simple Object Access Protocol

Access to our API is also possible with SOAP. This is a standard-compliant interface and accessible with the default SOAP - modules delivered with your language of choice. Please note, that you need to provide your username and password with every request.

Please set the parameter "s_opmode" to "OTE" to connect to our OT&E - environment. If you do not add the parameter "s_opmode=OTE", you will connect to our live-system and may be charged for operations.

For access using our SOAP - API, use the following connection - parameters:

  • OT&E - system without SSL (not recommended) proxy => http://api-ote.rrpproxy.net:8080/soap
  • OT&E - system with SSL proxy => https://api-ote.rrpproxy.net:8082/soap
Operational Test & Evaluation (OT&E)

Our API's have an Operational Test and Evaluation (OT&E) system, which you may use to develop and test your scripts. The password is your standard-login, but you will need to change your password in the (live) control panel. Please navigate to "Account" -> "Settings" -> Tab (Passwords) for this.


For access with perl, we recommend using "SOAP::Lite", please have a look at the example below.

#!/usr/bin/perl --w

use SOAP::Lite; #+trace => debug;
use Data::Dumper;'

my $soap = SOAP::Lite
-> uri('urn:Api')
-> proxy('URL to SOAP Gateway')

my @commands = (
's_login' => '[mregname]',
's_pw' => '[<mregpassword>ote]',
's_opmode' => 'OTE',
's_encode' => 'UTF-8',
'command' => 'CheckDomain',
'domain' => 'example.com',

my $res = $soap->xcall(@commands);

print Dumper($res->result) . "\n";


We recommend to use the PHP-internal SOAP - functions for accessing our SOAP - API with PHP. Please have a look at the example below.

$client = new SoapClient(NULL,
"location" => "URL to SOAP Gateway",
// "location" => "URL to SOAP Gateway",
"uri" => "urn:Api",
"style" => SOAP_RPC,
"use" => SOAP_ENCODED,

$params = array(
"s_login" => "[mregname]",
"s_pw" => "[<mregpassword>ote]",
"s_opmode" => "OTE",
"s_encode" => "UTF-8",
"command" => "CheckDomain",
"domain" => "example.com"

$result = $client->__call("xcall",
"uri" => "urn:Api",
"soapaction" => "urn:Api#xcall")


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