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CentralNic Reseller Homepage

API requests via e-mail (SMTP)

API requests can also be submitted to an SMTP-based e-mail address which acts as an API gateway.

Requests can be e-mailed to [email protected] where an automated system will submit the request on your behalf, and the processed response will be returned via an e-mailed reply.


Please note, that you need to provide your username and password with every request. Please set the parameter "s_opmode" to "OTE" to connect to our OT&E - environment. If you do not add the parameter "s_opmode=OTE", you will connect to our live-system and may be charged for operations.


A basic "CheckDomain" command looks like the following:

s_login = [mregname]
s_pw = [<mregpassword>ote]
s_opmode = OTE

command = CheckDomain
domain = example.com

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