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Possible Gateways

The command StatusWebspace is available via the following gateways:

Required Parameters

The following parameters are standard parameters for this command.


COMMAND = StatusWebSpace
WIDE = 0|1
LOG = 0|1


code = (INT)
description = (TEXT)
property[CREATED DATE][0] = (DATE)
property[IP][0] = (TEXT)
property[RENEWAL DATE][0] = (DATE)
property[RENEWALMODE][0] = (TEXT)
property[STATUS][0] = (TEXT)
property[UPDATED DATE][0] = (DATE)
property[USED QUOTA][0] = (INT)
property[USED TRAFFIC][0] = (INT)


WIDE Show more or less details (optional)
LOG Show more or less logs (optional)
WEBSPACE Name of the object to query
CREATED DATE Creation date of the web space
IP IP address of the webs space
RENEWAL DATE Date when the web space will be renewed next time
RENEWALMODE Renewal mode of the web space (cannot be changed)
STATUS Current status of the web space
UPDATED DATE Modification date
USED QUOTA Quota usage
USED TRAFFIC Traffic usage
SSO_REDIRECT_LOCATION SSO Redirect Location (web site builder)

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