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The DomainPrice command can be used to get the amount that will be charged for a domain for a specific action. RAM clients will only receive the RAM fees for this operation.

Possible Gateways

The command DomainPrice is available via the following gateways:

Required Parameters

The following parameters are standard parameters for this command.


COMMAND = DomainPrice


code = (INT)
description = (TEXT)
property[PREMIUM][0] = (TEXT)
property[DOMAIN][0] = (TEXT)
property[ZONE][0] = (TEXT)
property[PERIODTYPE][0] = (TEXT)
property[SETUP][0] = (DECIMAL)
property[APPLICATION][0] = (DECIMAL)
property[ANNUAL][0] = (DECIMAL)
property[TRANSFER][0] = (DECIMAL)
property[TRADE][0] = (DECIMAL)
property[RESTORE][0] = (DECIMAL)
property[CURRENCY][0] = (TEXT)
property[VATPERCENT][0] = (DECIMAL)
property[ZONECURRENCY][0] = (TEXT)
property[TYPE][0] = (TEXT)
property[PERIOD][0] = (INT)
property[PRICE][0] = (DECIMAL)
property[VAT][0] = (DECIMAL)
property[PROMOTION][n] = (TEXT)


PERIOD: The period that will be calculated. Default is 1. For monthly prices use period+M as period. (optional)
PERIODTYPE: The periodtype that will be uset to calculate the prices. Default is YEAR. (optional)
DOMAIN: Domain the price should be calculated for
TYPE: The price for a specific action. (optional)
X-PROMOTION-CODE: Promotion code to be used for calculating the price (optional)
DOMAIN: The domain for the pricing
ZONE: Zone of the domain
PERIODTYPE: The periodtype for pricing
SETUP: Refundabel setup fee to be paid for this domain
APPLICATION: Non refundable setupfee for this domain
ANNUAL: period fee to be paid for this domain
TRANSFER: Transfer fee for this domain
TRADE: Trade fee for this domain (if available)
RESTORE: Fee charged for restores if possible
CURRENCY: Currency of the prices for this domain
VATPERCENT: VAT % that will be charged
ZONECURRENCY: Price currency of the zone; Will only be returned if zonecurrency != currency
EXCHANGERATE: Exchange rate used to calculate the domain price; Will only be returned if zonecurrency != currency
TYPE: The type which is calculated. Add, renew, transfer, trade or restore.; Will only be returned if type != NULL
PERIOD: The period amount calculated for the price
PRICE: The amount that will be charged for this type and this domain from your account.
VAT: The vat that will be charged for this type and this domain from your account.
NONREFUNDABLE: The nonrefundable part of the price for this accounting
VATNONREFUNDABLE: The nonrefundable part of the vat for this accounting
PROMOTION: Promotion used to calculate the price

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