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WHMCS Module

WHMCS Module Download

We're providing the latest WHMCS Module for CentralNic Reseller via Github at:


Please follow the installation instructions provided on the same page.

Supported Features

  • Domain Registration
    • Additional domain fields (Extensions)
  • Domain Transfer
  • Domain Management
    • WHOIS Contact Verification (IRTP)
    • Domain Locking (Transfer Lock)
    • Update Contact (Owner/Admin) Information
    • Nameservers Change
    • Child Nameserver Management (Add, Modify, Delete)
    • Explicit Deletions in Admin panel
  • Domain Renewal
  • IDNs Support (using idn_to_ascii)
  • DNS Management (A, AAAA, MX, CNAME, TXT)
  • Web Forwarding
  • Email forwarding
  • Support for OTE testing environment
  • Support for WHOIS Privacy / ID Protection
  • Support for Bulk Update Operations
  • Support for DNSSEC Management

Unsupported Features

  • Premium Domains
  • Creating Owner/Admin Contacts on TransferDomain
  • Automatic DNS Zone Creating/Deletion if DNS Management is checked

Supported unrestricted TLDs

All unrestricted TLDs are supported. Please find a full list here.

Supported restricted TLDs

The following restricted TLDs are supported:

.au / .br / .ca / .cl / .de / .es / .eu / .fr / .it / .nu / .ro / .ru / .se / .sg / .uk / .us

Wedomains :)