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A webspace can be used to store files on a server which can be continuously accessed through the Internet. Within our HOMER hosting services you have full control on both storage size and allocation if the storage of your webspaces as they are scalable. As every webspace is given a unique ID you have the option to allocate storage within a wespace to different clients and domains via dedicated webhosts or alternatively allocate a single webspace individually to different clients and domains.

A webspace is usually structured into webhosts functioning like a folder system where you can save files. Once you have created a webspace you can then create the webhosts underneath.

Recommended Setup

Due to organizational und structural reasons we usually receommend to use webspaces on a per client or per domain basis to keep a clear allocation and structure. This makes it easier to monitor products and services used and to be charged on a client and/or project basis.

Example allocation of Webspaces:

Webspace-1 -> client-1


Webspace-x -> client-x

Exemplary allocation of Webhosts in Webspace-1

Webhost-1 -> Domain-1


Webhost-x -> Domain-x
Please Note

The above example only illustrates one possible way to setup and use webspaces as one of the key benefits of the CentralNic Reseller API, and therefore valid for HOMER as well, is the 100% flexibility of how to implement our API as we believe there is not just one proper way. Many years of experience have shown that it always depends on the individual needs of our clients. Therefore, as you know your processes best the choice is 100% yours how to use, structure and allocate webspace.

Hosting - Webspace API-Commands

Webspace, PHPini

AddWebspaceCreates a new Webspace
QueryWebspaceListList all created webspaces including related data

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