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Our CentralNic Reseller Mailspaces provide the possibility to allocate a certain amount of data storage exclusively usable for Mailboxes. The Mailspaces can be used very flexible. For example, you can allocate a certain amount of data storage - a Mailspace, and add Mailboxes to your liking to this Mailspace. The allocated storage for Mailspaces can be altered, also Mailspaces and Mailboxes can be disabled, activated and deleted. Furthermore Mail Forwarding can be set up. Mailspaces are billed in monthly terms, regardless of the number of Mailboxes within a Mailspace.

Recommended Workflow

  • Prior to setting up Mailboxes a Mailspace needs to be created.
  • Afterwards Mailboxes can be added to this Mailspace.
  • As long as Mailboxes exist within a Mailspace, Mail Forwardings can be set up.

How it works

The MX record of a domain which should use an CentralNic Reseller Mailspace needs to point to the Mailspace IP address. The respone of a StatusMailspace command contains the IP address of the Mailspace, for example:

property[ip][0] =

Email client settings

POP3 Mailserver		pop3.dnsres.net
TCP/IP Port		110 or 995 (SSL / TLS)
User Name		Full email address
Password			email password
IMAP Mailserver		imap.dnsres.net
TCP/IP Port		143 or 993 (SSL / TLS)
User Name		Full email address
Password			email password
Outgoing Mailserver	smtp.dnsres.net
TCP/IP Port		25 or 587 (STARTTLS)
User Name		Full email address
Password			email password

SMTP Relay for Sending Newsletters (from 50 up to 5,000 recipients)

Outgoing Mailserver	newsrelay.dnsres.net
TCP/IP Port		25 or 587 (STARTTLS)
User Name		Full email address
Password			email password
Is a Webmail Interface available?

Yes: https://webmail.dnsres.net/
You can also install an own squirrelmail/roundcube/etc. on a Webspace and link it to Mailspaces.

Can I set up catch-all email addresses?

Yes, simply create the email address *@example.com.

Are Backups available?

No. Please use external resources to create backups of mails, for example by using external mail clients via POP3 or IMAP.

Are limitations for sending mails in place, e.g. per hour/day?

No, sending is unlimited. Please be aware that you should always stick to local law and fair use princibples.

Can the system be used to send email newsletters/mass emails?

Yes, but please use the newsrelay for bulk sending.

Hosting - Mailspace API-Commands


CheckMailspaceEmailCheck Mailspace if Email already exists

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