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Where as storing single files on a webspace might be sufficient for simple webpages such as static websites that rarely change their content most websites today have much higher requirements. High volumes of content or dynamic functionality (e.g. changing content every time a website is loaded) are common practice in modern web design. These requirements can be achieved by using databases as they are very flexible, scalable, accessible, stable, easy to transfer and easy to use. Our HOMER hosting service include the the most commonly used RDBMS (Relational Database Management System) MySQL.

How it works

Once you have successfully created and setup a Webspace you can add Databases underneath. By using the AddDatabase command you can create single Databases and define their size (quota 0 full number, unit = MB) as well as their password.

Hosting - Database API-Commands

Homer Database commands

AddDatabaseFor creating a Database
DeleteDatabaseFor deleting a Database
ModifyDatabaseFor modifying disk space or password of a Database
QueryDatabaseListFor getting a list/overview of all available/existing Databases
RenewDatabaseFor renewing a Database
StatusDatabaseFor reviewing the current status of a Database

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