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CentralNic Reseller Homepage

Hosting Management Environment Repository

HOMER is the abbreviation for Hosting Management Environment Repository and includes web & mail hosting, virtual servers as well as dedicated servers.

Our web hosting services for webspaces, mailspaces and databases offer flexible and scalable packages meeting all needs for successful reselling. Virtual servers are available in 4 power levels; they are efficient alternatives to conventional servers at favorable prices. Dedicated Servers are operated on specialized 19” server hardware managed at the TIER III SKYWAY DataCenter. They offer a professional one-stop solution and address business customers and demanding private clients with high requirements for performance and availability.

The HOMER solution enables you to order and manage hosting products in real-time through a highly scalable, flexible and approved system.

Typically, the operation of a hosting platform requires high investment in infrastructure, maintenance and development of the relevant systems. HOMER reduces these costs to a minimum and can be easily integrated into your existing system by using our APIs. Start now with your hosting business or optimize your existing hosting infrastructure.

Standard Features

HOMER Webspaces, Databases and Mailspaces all come along with:

  • Arbitrary package sizes of 1 MB to up to 100 GB
  • Traffic flat: 100% traffic included (assuming fair use)
  • PHP 5.6 and PHP 7.0 for interactive website design
  • Unlimited FTP access
  • FTPS (SSL/TLS) access for maximum security
  • Ordering in MB, billing in GB
  • Free allocation of your web space to your domains
  • Monthly termination possible
  • Free Let's Encrypt SSL certificates for all webspaces optionally available
  • Optional free-of-charge webspace (ad supported)

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